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“As a family physician, I acknowledge the importance of delivering health information in a very simple way. To get healthy does not mean to navigate a complex medical system, or to use the most recent medications as many times portrayed in the media. To be healthy consists in following practical steps as presented in this book by Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery. I strongly encourage everybody to engage in reading this book. Hope you enjoy it, and concurrently get healthy.”

 Ubaldo Salazar, M.D. Ubaldo Salazar, M.D.
Family Practice Physician


Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery

Dona Cooper-Dockery, M.D., is a board-certified physician, #1 bestselling author, and speaker who has dedicated over 25 years to positively changing healthcare outcomes both nationally and internationally. She holds active memberships in the American Academy of Lifestyle Medicine and the American Medical Association.

She's the author of My Health and The Creator, Get Healthy magazine, and Fourteen Days to Amazing Health. Dr. Cooper-Dockery is also the founder and director of Cooper Internal Medicine and the Cooper Wellness and Disease Prevention Center and host of the popular TV show, Get Healthy with Dr. Cooper, which airs bi-weekly locally and on Fox.

“Dr. Cooper-Dockery has brilliantly crafted a tool that if you take the time to understand it and use for yourself, your family, and your institution, you could live smarter, longer, healthier, happier, save a bundle of money, and in the process, help secure your retirement.”

Errol B. Bryce, M.D., FACP. Errol B. Bryce, M.D., FACP.
President, New Steps to Health; Adj. Asst. Professor of Medicine, UNT HSC.

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